Use this page to resolve common issues

  • How can I fix SSL errors when running a Java application against ECS Test Drive?

    Typically these type of error messages will inidicate "PKIX path building failed" or "Peer not authenticated". Please click here to download instructions on how to fix this issue.

  • How do I access public content in my buckets?

    Due to ECS's namespace feature, you must access your bucket's public content by using the URL (namespace).public.ecstestdrive.com/(bucket) or (bucket).(namespace).public.ecstestdrive.com. This allows every user to have buckets with the same name but ECS needs to know which namespace you're anonymously accessing. Your namespace is the same as the numeric portion of your Access Key. For example, if your access key is 12345@ecstestdrive.com, your namespace is 12345.

  • What tools can I use to connect to ECS Test Drive via S3 and browse my object storage?

    We recommend using a tool called Cyberduck or CloudBerry Explorer. Please click here to view detailed instructions on how to establish connectivity to ECS Test Drive via S3 using Cyberduck. For detailed instructions on how to establish connectivity to ECS Test Drive via S3 using CloudBerry Explorer, please click here.

  • Does ECS Test Drive support cross origin resource sharing (CORS)?

    Unfortunately, at this time, ECS Test Drive does not support CORS. However, we are planning a changeover to start using namespace base URLs in the near future that will in turn allow users to test CORS functionality on ECS Test Drive. All currently registered users on ECS Test Drive will be notified appropriately on the progress of this enhancement. Thanks!

  • How much storage space am I allowed to use on the ECS appliance?

    Each registration in ECS Test Drive creates an individual namespace with a 1 terabyte quota. Please contact us if your use case requires additional capacity. We will review your request accordingly and can usually provision additional capacity as needed.